Rabbitholepools is proud to support Sea Shepherd!

To show support to the active defence of our World's Ocean, we give our delegators AUD 25 eGift Cards.

Transaction ID*  
Amount delegated*  

Sea Shepherd eGift Cards giveaway

  • Delegate minimum 500 ADA to rabbitholepools - ticker [RABIT];
  • Fill in the form,  indicating the TRANSACTION ID (TXid) and the amount you delegated. See below for TXid examples.

How to participate:

Starting in April 2021, each month we will randomly select 2 delegators to receive an AUD 25 eGift card to spend at the Sea Shepherd online shop. Selected delegators will be notified and receive their gift by email. Delegators will only enter the draw if they have not previously received a gift card.

Draw rules:

We will never use your personal details without your explicit consent.

We reserve the right to modify the terms for this giveaway at any time.

TXid Examples:

You can find your transaction IDs easily in both Yoroi:

And Daedalus: