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Delegating your ADA nets you a passive income, as ADA rewards for securing the Cardano Proof of Stake protocol. We offer the lowest possible costs (0% margin and 170 ADA fee) for competitive rewards!

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We Proudly Support Sea Shepherd Australia

RABIT has been supporting Sea Shepherd Australia since 2020 (see our Archive for the initial Gift Card Program). We believe in direct action to protect the World Ocean.

Since 2023 we have changed our support strategy to a yearly donation of 20% of RABIT Operator rewards, strengthening our commitment to Sea Shepherd Australia and their global campaigns.

See details of our donations here.

Your delegation can help support Sea Shepherd Australia in defence of our global ocean!

Learn more about Sea Shepherd Australia.

Exclusive AR-Ready NFTs

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  • Gerolamo Cardano


    "Mathematics, however, is, as it were, its own explanation; this, although it may seem hard to accept, is nevertheless true, for the recognition that a fact is so is the cause upon which we base the proof".

  • Ada Lovelace


    "Your best and wisest refuge from all troubles is in your science".

  • Lewis Carroll


    "I can't go back to yesterday - because I was a different person then".

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